ZIA’s Innovation Conference 2019 in Berlin

Rising PropTech movement with real estate innovation opens opportunities to everyone

On June 27 our leadership team was invited to ZIA’s Innovation conference in Berlin. ZIA  (Zentrale Immobilien Anschuss) or the German Property Federation, pursues the objective of representing the general, economic and ideological interests of the entire property sector and of promoting collaboration among its members. It supports and accompanies measures suitable for sustaining and improving the economic, legal, political and fiscal framework conditions of the property sector.

The conference brings together industry innovators, government ministers, and real estate investors for a day of idea sharing and inspiration. The day is comprised of stage talks, panel discussions, and a social mixer where participants can congregate and talk one-to-one. This years speakers included Transportation Minister Andreas Scheuer and both state secretaries Oliver Wittke (BMWi) and Anne Katrin Bohle (BMI).

Our CEO and Founder, Florian Mann, spoke on a panel with other proptech leaders about the evolution of digital ecosystems. The panel discussed the possibilities and consequences of this new digital era and ways in which real estate can be changed by digitization. To understand the ecosystem is to understand the stakeholders of real estate; which namely consists of users, providers, investors, and managers. We at intertempi believe there is a unique opportunity to create a fully integrated centralized system for optimal usage that not only minimized the output of providers but increases the services and experience they are able to present to their users. These advancements in management not only affect the simple day to day finances but truly optimize internal structures for long term ripple effects. This topic continues to be contentious for those who fear automation due to a feeling that it eliminates personal control and puts personal privacy at risk. This is a concern that has plagued much of the digital era. However, our digital future is not to be feared, but rather utilized for the possibilities it provides. By harnessing the power of automation facility managers, property owners, and businesses are able to spend less time managing each individual space allowing them the opportunity to expand their operations. In turn it also provides their tenants and users with more services, a greater level of consistency, and less ambiguity.

The theme of this years conference was “Miteinander statt gegeneinander” or “Together, rather than against each other”. Throughout the day it became very clear that there is strong movement in Germany to balance innovation with socio-economic considerations - and that progress can not come at the detriment of the populus. This holistic approach to property development is becoming more prevalent as we put human needs at the centre of problem solving solutions. We at intertempi see the human need for an accessible and usable work space and the market’s need for optimization through automation. It is a matter of balancing the two to create a truly symbiotic relationship.