Berlin Coworking Festival 2019

We are so excited to be a part of this year’s Berlin Coworking Festival! This initiative is a great opportunity to connect with the greater Berlin freelance and start-up community. In celebration, we will be offering different activities and events throughout the week that are open to everyone! To begin with we are offering FREE COWORKING ALL WEEK LONG! That’s right. Free! So come by Ringbahn Coworking Sept 9-13 and get to know us and our members.


Monday - Open House Free Coworking w/ get to know you breakfast
Tuesday - Workshop for Open Source enthusiasts
Wednesday - Pitch Day, get feedback on your current or upcoming projects - Afternoon Coffee Mixer
Thursday - Skillshare Event, - Afternoon Coffee Mixer
Friday - Disruptive Tischtennis Tourney w/ beers

Monday - FREE welcome Breakfast and Coworking
We want to kick off the Berlin Coworking Festival with fun and food, two things we can all enjoy! Join us at Ringbahn Coworking and get to know our space and members with a casual community breakfast. Stay after breakfast and get some work done in our co-working space. We will be offering free coworking all week, space is first come first serve. A great chance to meet new people and work on independent projects within a community atmosphere.

Tuesday - Open Source Workshop
How to create an open-source project or how to contribute in existing project? What are typical problems for all new open-source projects? How to start building a community around or help others? If you want to get answers on all these questions, you’re welcome to join our meeting at Ringbahn-Coworking space to share experience.
We will discuss several topics:
- prerequisites or a threshold for starting an open-source project
- how to start building a community for the project so that devs are using it for real world projects
- tipping point definition; what it takes for a project to become so widely used so that community can support itself

NOTE: The format of our discussion will be similar to a workshop rather than presentation & talks, so feel free to grab your questions and ideas for brainstorming session

Wednesday - Pitch Day and Coffee Mixer
Do you have a great new project but need objective feedback? Pitch Day is the perfect opportunity to test your ideas and get input from other professionals! Sign up to present your business plan, project, non profit, etc to the group and then stay to hear from others. This event will also include an afternoon Coffee Social where you can network and connect with others in the community.

Thursday - Skill Share Sessions and Coffee Mixer
Are you a marketing maven? A strategic content creator? An insightful data analyst? Or just eager to improve your entrepreneurial skills? Join us for mini Skill Sharing sessions at Ringbahn Coworking. Come as a participant or presenter or both!This collective knowledge sharing approach is the backbone of coworking and one of the many benefits to working collectively even on independent projects. This event will consist of various 15 minute skillshare sessions, 10 min presentations followed by 5 min discussion period.

Friday - Disruptive Tischtennis Tournament and Beers
"Disruptive" Tischtennis Tournament at Ringbahn Coworking is our final event for this year's Berlin Coworking Festival. Challenge your skills on this special playing field (surprise ping pong table...). Drink beers. Mix and Mingle with freelancers, start-ups, and digital nomads. See who is the table tennis champion!
Casual format so don't feel discouraged if you aren't an avid Tischtennis fan... this is an event for everyone!

Looking forward to seeing you SEPT 9-13!