Community Manager (full-time / part-time)

About intertempi

The company

We work on revolutionizing flexible office management by building a tech platform to offer as SaaS to property owners, asset managers, tenants etc. With intertempi they can achieve a flexible and tech-enabled usage of commercial / office space to increase its utilization and profitability. We are at the forefront of smart office development, sensors, and IoT.

Product vision

We integrate multiple smart building / smart office services for the real-estate players such as digital access, utilization monitoring, flexible office furnishing, facility management etc. into a single manageable system. We aim for tech-enabled automation of processes and creating a smart and comfortable workspace. The future of work starts now and we as intertempi are driving this future.


We are currently a small team with diverse backgrounds based in Berlin. We value honesty and fast progress while having fun, and we are very interested in growing together while building awesomeness.

Why you should join our team

You can learn hands-on startup building and development in early stage, being part of a core team in its first year. Given the small team size there is plenty of opportunity for everyone to thrive and develop his/her strengths. Together we feel responsible for making this a great young company and environment for everyone to learn, make the best out of every opportunity and to have fun. We have a great office in our own coworking space which we run as a showroom for partners, customers and investors. We value co-located working which will ensure that everyone gets the level of guidance and support that he/she needs. From time to time, we will have to assist our clients with onboarding, so we might have a chance to work on a client side. Last but not least we are open to feedback so every team member can shape our work environment and define who we are.

Job Requirements

Experience in any of the below areas is a plus:
● community building / management
● having fun in working with people and being hands-on
● working at coworking spaces and/or managing them
● familiarity with Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter
● existing network in startup ecosystem (e.g., Berlin)
● interest in tech startups or previous experience within a startup
● multi-lingual

Contract Details

Permanent contract, full-time job preferred, on-site. Student and part-time contracts also possible. We also take motivated interns.