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Hybrid Office and Flex Space

Eliminate manual coordination of employees to use the office
and stop spending money on unused space.

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Push your workspace to the next level through
automation and technology.

Hybrid work at ease.
Book your office online anytime.

Stop time-consuming spreadsheets, chat groups and email chains to coordinate who uses which desk, meeting room or parking spot on which day. Let employees plan their office vs. remote days and book what they need with 1-click. Our intuitive app offers a calendar, timeline, and floorplan view to make this as easy and convenient as possible. It is fully white-labeled to enable a branded experience for your employees

Full transparency.
Visualize your office availability and occupancy.

Give employees the flexibility they love by creating clarity on the offices’ live availability and occupancy. Let them check the office days of their colleagues to foster networking and collaboration while staying in control of the office utilization – to identify trends and define the optimal hybrid setup. Optional buffer times ensure that the office is a safe place to work and prevent crowded areas.

Stop wasting money.
Turn unused office areas into a flex space.

Nobody likes manual work that can be automated. And wasting money is also not fun. With our platform you can turn unused office space into a flex space – quickly and painless. Our tech-driven approach with integrated invoicing, payments, and access via app will make your life easy and reduce office cost with minimal work. If that still sounds like too much effort, interspaces can do it for you.

Be sustainable.
Improve utilization & reduce energy consumption.

Real estate has great impact on our environment. Our office buildings account for up to 40% of a country’s energy consumption and emissions. How we use offices makes a difference. By avoiding unused space and increasing utilization, the ‘per capita footprint’ improves automatically. Saving money and being more sustainable go together. Isn’t that good news?

Add satellite offices.
Bring the office closer to your employees.

You can add as many office locations in our platform as you wish. Be it your own office or any flexible office in a coworking space near your employees’ homes. Build your individual satellite office structure to offer alternatives to home office and enable employees to reduce their commute times. All offices will be available in one platform – fully white-labeled for a branded experience.

API integrations to make your life easy thanks to automation

All we do is driven by our strong motivation to help our
customers go flexible with their offices.

The Future of Work is FLEXIBLE and it is NOW.


Only 10% of employees with office-based roles will be on-site more than 4 days a week. Pre-COVID-19 this was 99%.

Source: McKinsey & Company


>50% of employees would like to work from home at least 3 days every week

Source: Reimagine Work (Employee Survey Dec 2020 - Jan 2021)


~30% of the employees say they are likely to switch jobs if returned to fully on-site work

Source: Reimagine Work (Employee Survey Dec 2020 - Jan 2021)

The future starts now. Are you ready? We are.